Year Early 2017
Platform Game Maker
Scope Proof of Concept

Nowhere was a short game that I made in game maker on my own time with hardly any experience on the platform. I had done a few small projects in Clickteam Fusion and knew RPG Maker inside and out, but Nowhere was really my first foray into a game development tool that required ground up building rather than just using drag and drop for everything. (you can still do that with gamemaker though if you're an absolute madman)

I learned a lot from this game, even though it's probably my most incomplete "official" (aka actually started) project. I was inspired off of Looming by Gregory Weir, and learned how to make lighting affect 3d models in a way that worked dramatically for good 1-bit graphics. The only code that exists is a movement/collision code and a door/room teleport code that took me 3 days to debug properly. I ended up doing a menu later on.


Year Mid 2017
Platform Unity
Scope School Project

Geranthia was a collaboration between me and another classmate for a game design course at OCADU in toronto. We were initially in a group of 4 people, but one of them decided to just do the entire project himself and another never showed up- so we got split up last minute and had about a third the time and manpower to do it.

I wanted to make an exploration/chase game where you'd run away from monsters only visible to you in a "virtual boy" mode, but having it on all the time would mute key sounds and make it harder to see (the HUD would also change to be much more hard to read, but we didn't have time to add that in). You could also see through certain walls and other secret passages to make swapping between the two modes more hectic and necessary. We only finished half of one level, but that was all that was needed for the project.

This was my first game made in Unity, and I honestly wasn't a huge fan. Maybe if I got more used to it I'd like it more, but for the time being I much prefer Game Maker.

I did the programming and game design, and my partner did the art and visual design. If I have any regret it's not staying more in contact with her- she is an amazing artist and has a very creative spin on things. Her HUD was amazing!


Year Late 2015-Present
Platform HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
Scope Personal Project that got way too out of hand

Despite everything, I still consider this a game.

I started making this all the way back in 2015, when I just got out of highschool. Back then it was on neocities, which was a free site hosting community that sort of focuses on weird creative stuff rather than traditional web design. The most popular site on neocities by far is a Serial Experiments Lain fansite (WARNING: FLASHING IMAGES) and that kind of shaped how I approached my own site when I first started making it. Similarly to fauux's site, it was more about just finding a hidden button and clicking on it to get to the next weird page.

(un)Fortunately things did not stay that simple for long, and my inspiration from notpr0n and other html-riddle games on sites like nordinho got the best of me. It started to turn into a labyrinth of hidden paths, branching areas, and an overarching riddle to solve through multiple pages.

Then I redesigned the site from the ground up.

So what happened to the game-half of the site? Well I can safely say it's here and stronger than ever! Most of the old webpages are still up on my current site, but half functional and not linked to. However, there still may be some hidden nuggets around here and there... While I wanted to make the site more professional and work as a portfolio I felt like I didn't want to sacrifice the lust I have to make weird crap and hide it in random places. Take a look around!

Clicker (Currently Untitled)

Year Early 2019 - Present
Platform Game Maker Studio 1
Scope Personal Hobby

Currently, I am working on a clicker/incremental game

I have actually moved most of my writing over here for the time being, but if I have any major projects that are worthy of their own in depth position here, I will put them below!

Planet Planet Laika

Year Christmas 2017
Platform HTML, CSS
Scope Love for a weird PSX game